Madagascan Cat Eye Snakes yellow phase - )

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Madasgacan Cat Eye Snakes - only males of both yellow and silver phase available. 

These filed collected beauties are a specialty. They are all eating live mice and ready to go! These are a very cool and hard to get species that needs to be established in herpetoculture!

They are young adults ranging from 20-24" in length.

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Harold Wolfe on 7th Oct 2014


    madagascar cateyed snake

    He was packaged well, arrived on time and was hungry and healthy and ate a hopper the second day.

  • Posted by Ryan Crane on 21st Aug 2014


    Love them!!!

    I just got my Cat Eyed snakes in this morning and they are amazing!!! My yellow male is stunning in color, although he is a little bigger than I thought he was going to be, and my silver female is an absolute sweet heart, she's probably the most calm snake I have ever handled. You guys did a great job with these snakes I hope you get more of them later on cuz I will definitely be adding to my new collection of cat eyed snakes.