Amphibians for sale

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Amphibians for sale

The amphibians for sale are just a pleasure to own. The setups for them can be simple, or over the top. Be assured, when you buy an amphibian from Snakes at Sunset , you get the best.  

All our amphibians come with live arrival guarantee, and overnight shipping. We strive to find the healthiest frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts to offer. Our frogs are top notch, healthy animals that will thrive with proper care. 

We have dozens of different frogs such as Dart Frogs, Tree Frogs, and other frogs. Pacman Frogs are popular and get BIG! 

Toads are not to be kissed, they will not turn into princes. We tried. Toads however will become very friendly and even learn to eat out of your hand. The toads we sell are extremely low priced and healthy.

Amphibians you can buy from us are all hand selected field collected or captive bred frogs chosen to be superb pets or breeders. Amphibians we would want for ourselves. Keep in mind MOST online stores sell amphibians they don't even own, so have no

idea on the personal preference of the animal they are sending! We strive to provide the best amphibians for sale possible. We however do not guarantee the sex of baby frogs as its near impossible , but we will do our best.  

All the amphibians for sale come with live arrival guarantee, low prices, and overnight shipping! Buy an amphibian today!