Chameleons For Sale

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Chameleons are one of the most recognized lizards in the world. Most change colors depending on their mood. They also love to eat insects and other bugs.

Different chameleons require slightly different heat gradients, but most are very easy to maintain. They drink mostly from water drops on the leaves of their cage, so a misting bottle or one of our Rept-mist from ZooMed is required.

One of the most important things regarding chameleons is vitamin A. Reptivite from ZooMed is essential to keep them healthy.

Snakes at Sunset has a wide variety of captive-bred and field collected chameleons for sale so its hard to pick just one type! They are all so unique.

All our chameleons for sale come with overnight shipping, and live arrival guarantee. 

Why Buy a Chameleon from us:

Not only will you get high quality chameleons, but you can always come back and ask us for tips or questions. We want you to enjoy your chameleon and give it the best possible care. 

When you buy a chameleon from us, be assured your getting a top notch, healthy animal with all our guarantees