Green Tree Pythons

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Here you can find a great selection of specialty locality and designer Green Tree Pythons for sale from private breeders and Bushmaster! The animals pictured are exact representatives of that locality.  The Green Tree Pythons we offer are locality specific from Bushmaster who breeds them in Indonesia. The only recognized farm to do so! Designer Green Tree Pythons are USA cbb - and from select breeders and stock! Some may have pics of parents if breeder provided it to us. Sorry we do not have pictures of Bushmaster breeder stock. 

All are guaranteed feeding. Yearlings and older animals may be sexable. The babies, juveniles are not as it will hurt them by doing it so small. Wait atleast 14-18 months to sex your GTP! 

We only receive babies from Bushmaster and other breeders after a minimum feeding of 5x. We do not let them leave here till they have fed atleast another 5x. Menaing by the time you get a baby Green Tree Python from us, it has fed a minimum of 10x ! 

Also known as Chondros, Green Tree Pythons are found throught southeast asia in Indonesia, Australia, and outlying islands. Animals from one island will look totally different then animals from another! Australian Green Tree Pythons are extremely rare, and we do not offer them. All ours are backed by our live arrival gaurantee, and terms. Please read terms before ordering. 

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