Pac Man Frogs for sale

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This section shows our large selection of hand picked Pac Man Morphs and select individual frogs that just stand out from the rest! We carry from time to time some of the rarest ones when available, and have a great selection.

The Pac Man Frogs for sale below all come with live arrival guarantee, and cheap shipping! 

Pac Man Frogs are a great starter frog that are very easy to maintain. They eat about anything, and require tropical setup for a long happy life. Female Pac Man frogs get larger then males. It is recomended you keep them individually, in a humid, but well ventilated cage. Sometimes they may try to eat other Pac Man Frogs, so keep them away from each other! 

These frogs are low maintenance, and a true "collect" them all type of pet. 

The Pac Man Frogs available are ALL captive bred babies between 1-2" in length and well started.

Some mutations of Pac Man Frogs sell out fast, so if its available, jump on it today! 

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