Strawberry Pac Man for Sale (Ceratophrys cranwelli)

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Strawberry Pac Man for Sale (Ceratophrys cranwelli)


Just in! Some super colored Strawberry Pacman Frogs for sale that are captive-bred. Snakes at Sunset has them setup in tropical setups, with ZooMed Eco-earth bedding and a shallow water bowl for soaking. They eat apropriately sized crickets and mealworms. The Strawberry Pacmans for sale are aprox 2"in length and growing fast!

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11 Reviews

  • Posted by John Carper on 11th Mar 2018



    Frog was skinny after I unboxed him and I let him crawl into his home tank and hes been doing good ever since.hes eating medium sized or smaller mealworms/crickets daily and ill be feeding him a pinky mouse at least once a month.

  • Posted by Branden Smith on 26th Jan 2017



    Fast shipping, beautiful pacman, arrived healthy, vibrant color. Packed very well with heating pad. Will buy all my animals here from now on

  • Posted by J. Echols on 12th Aug 2016


    No complaints

    Other than the little guy being a bit dry when he arrived (not dangerously dehydrated, just dry) he arrived in good condition. He's about the size of a quarter and weighed .25 ounces, but downed 7-8 medium crickets with no trouble at all.

  • Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2016



    frog arrived in great condition, started eating immediately.

  • Posted by daniel shoughrow on 16th Jun 2016



    I have ordered a lot from SNAKES AT SUNSET and every reptile I have received is super healthy, active, beautiful, tame and so on and on! THE BEST QUALITY ANIMALS ANYWHERE WITH THE BEST SERVICE!!! Next day shipping A+++++!!! I would highly advise you to get your reptile here!!! I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!!!!! FINALLY REAL REPTILE EXPERTS THAT KNOW WHAT THERE REALLY DOING!!!!

  • Posted by Dan Shoughrow on 4th Jun 2016



    These frogs rock! HEALTHY! Active! Perfect size! Absolutely Beautiful! Feeding fantastic! My 2 boys are so excited with them! finely they stopped asking me to go frog catching! A++++++ I WILL BE BUYING A LOT MORE FOR SURE FROM HERE!!!!! FINALLY REAL REPTILE EXPERTS THAT KNOW WHAT THERE DOING!!!!! THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

  • Posted by charmaine on 16th Dec 2015


    Very Satisfied!!!

    My baby girl arrived healthy and energetic. She also has some great colors and size on her. Snakes at sunset gets it right every time!...I will continue to make all my reptile/amphibian purchases through this company.

  • Posted by Mike on 20th Sep 2015


    Awesome frog!

    Thanks for sending me such a good looking healthy frog! Eats like a champ!

  • Posted by Tamra Mothershed on 9th Dec 2014


    Cute frog!

    This is a very cute frog that my 11 year old son is crazy about. My son had the habitat built for days before we actually ordered the frog, so it was like waiting on a new baby. The frog was small when he arrived, slightly larger than a quarter, but it has already grown a lot in a week. The color is vibrant and the frog is very healthy. Within two hours of opening the box, the frog ate a live worm offered by my son. Sometimes the stress of travel prevents frogs from eating for a little while (even a day or two), but not the one sent to us. I do think shipping is high ($40), but I am sure this is standard because of the overnight guarantee. I would definitely buy from this Seller again.