Borneo Blood Python(Python brietesmani)

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Borneo Blood Pythons

We have exceptional Borneo Blood Pythons for sale that are captive bred beauties. The Blood Pythons available are eating either live mice or rat chubs and are exceptionally colored with bright orange looking heads, and crazy side blushing. These are not farm raised but true USA CBB.

9 Reviews

  • Posted by Justin Cross on 6th May 2021


    Borneo Blood Python

    I purchased a female Borneo Blood Python for fiancé for Mother’s Day and she absolutely loves her. Athen is very active and took right to my fiancé. She hasn’t stopped smiling ever since she got her. Absolutely gorgeous snake couldn’t be happier

  • Posted by A. Kicklighter on 17th Jun 2020



    Even better than the pic! My girl is very small and I can't wait to watch her grow up. She's so beautiful thank you snakes at sunset! I will definitely be back for more scaley companions :)

  • Posted by Amber on 4th Jun 2019


    Absolutely perfect

    Everything about him and this place of business is phenomenal. His temperament is amazing and hes absolutely gorgeous. It's been so worth it watching him grow. He came in healthy and happy regardless of the shipment trip. Best place I have ever done business with when it comes to this kinda thing. I'm forever grateful.

  • Posted by Moni on 27th Apr 2018


    Beautiful - Absolutely Stunning Color!!!

    Our first order from Snakes at Sunset. We are super happy with the process. Very fast overnight shipping as promised. Well packed and secure carton. Snake arrived safe, sound and warm. We’re in Minnesota so that’s important!! Overall so far he’s adjusted to his habitat, eats frozen, and loves to lounge in the water bowl. We’ve come up with the perfect name too: STRIKER. Our Borneo Boy is more than nippy. He’s totally aggressive. Strikes at EVERYTHING. It’s pretty funny at this point. My 13 year old is determined to win him over. THANK YOU for a totally positive experience. We will recommend and purchase again in the future. Next one is for Mom....Piebald python you have fantastic selection too!!

  • Posted by Unknown on 3rd Aug 2017


    great buy

    My borneo blood python is nippy but beside that hes really healthy and eating great thanks snaksatsunset

  • Posted by jacob on 24th May 2017


    my baby blood is super sweet!

    shes legit sweeter than my ball python shes like a lap dog her pattern is absultly stunning ive bought 2 snakes from this site and highly reccomend then to future buyers

  • Posted by Unknown on 30th Apr 2017


    Great snake

    Snake came and looked beautiful. Very happy. .......

  • Posted by Luis Hernandez on 21st May 2016


    Blood python

    Awesome animal. Docile and really active.

  • Posted by The Bat on 7th Mar 2015


    Awesome pattern, beautiful snake

    I recieved this snake a few weeks ago. He is certainly a healthy eater. Fed 2 live mice since getting him and he didn't hesitate at all to eat them. One thing, he is nippy. Putting on quite a show removing him from his tank but is getting better quickly. Bit me 4 times the day after I got him and now either does show aggression or just headbutts my hand mouth closed. Once out doesn't show any aggression. Would buy from snakes at sunset again.