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Live Arrival Guarantee

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Live Arrival Guarantee

We offer one of the best  Live Arrival Guarantees in the business! We are extremely knowledgeable in packing animals for shipping, both nationally and internationally. 

You may view Shipping and Returns to see how we pack and ship your animal. 

All animal orders are shipped in the safest way possible. We guarantee the animal will arrive alive, or we will send you a replacement animal for free, you only have to pay for shipping.

Certain conditions must be met in order for us to Honor the Live Arrival Guarantee. DOAS rarely occur, and as of April 2010 we have had UNMATCHED SUCCESS in any shipment. 

Condtions for Live Arrival Guarantee - NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

1- Someone must sign for package on FIRST delivery attempt. If no one signs for it, guarantee is void. If you requested your package to be held at your local FedEx station, you must pick up within 4 hours. 

2- If you input your address incorrectly, we cannot guarantee that once it is re-routed, that it will be ok, so make sure you input your address correctly, and then double check it! 

3- Temperatures at destination, and FedEx pass through facility(in route) must be between 40-90f or guarantee is void. If temperatures are 25f or above we can have it held at a local FedEx Center for pickup -always reccomended any time of year. 

4- All claims must be made within 24 hours from receipt of shipment. Proof of a photo with our label, and our animal clearly deceased. Do not dispose of animal, place in zip-lock and freeze until you get further instructions from us. 

5- All packages must be signed for, FedEx will NEVER leave a package without a signature. NO EXCEPTIONS, just cannot be sent without signature required!

By ordering from our website you agree to the terms above. 

 PLEASE NOTE - Most photos of reptiles for sale in our shopping cart are visual representatives of the species and may not be the exact animal you recieve. By ordering you acknowledge both the terms of our Live Arrival Guarantee as well as policies. Most photos are copyrighted by us and they are our intellectual property. Others are the best representatives we found of the particular animal from free stock images on google and other websites that offer free non-copyrighted, commercial use, pictures. If by chance your photo is shown on our site, and it is not for commercial use, please advise us so we can remove it.