Albino Cornsnake for sale (Pantherophis guttata)

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Albino Cornsnakes - Pantherophis guttata

We currently have baby Albino Cornsnakes for sale that are captive bred. Snakes at Sunset feeds them pinkies. The Albino Cornsnakes for sale are aprox 12-16" in length.


All our reptiles come with a Live Arrival Guarantee. 

Shipping your new Albino Cornsnake:

We ship our cornsnakes FED EX overnight. Most packages arrive by 10:30am. If you live in a smaller town, or in a rural area it may arrive between 12-4pm.

We also offer HOLD FOR PICKUP at your closest FedEx center, so you can pick the package up after work/school.
Our shipping days are Monday- Thursday. Reptile orders placed before 2pm usually get shipped the same day .
 Reptile orders placed after 2pm, get shipped the following day.
Ex: If you place your order at 5pm Monday, we will ship tuesday, and you will receive Wed. Morning.
You may request an alternate shipping day. Please email us at to let us know what day works for you.

Please see Live Arrival Guarantee page.

We pack your reptiles in the safest, most efficient way possible. All reptile orders are shipped in a styro-foam lined cardboard box used specifically for shipping reptiles.  Depending on weather conditions, we may include an ice pack or heat pack at no charge for the safety of the animals.
If weather conditions are too severe to ship, we will notify you and arrange a future shipping date. This is all done for the safety of the animal! 

The health and safety of the animal comes first!

Please read our terms before ordering.

33 Reviews

  • Posted by Jeremy Myers on 3rd Mar 2021


    Albino Corn Snake

    Purchasing process was excellent. Shipping was not as expected because of carrier delays but packaging and snake needs were exceptional! 5 Stars Snakes at Sunset! I will be a repeat purchaser!

  • Posted by KEVIN MAUGHAN on 9th Feb 2021


    First experience

    These guys are amazing! Ordered a new baby, weather did not permit home delivery, but no fear. Communication was fantastic, educational, and informative. Got my baby happy, safe, and quickly. He came with last feed date, food type, and transfer instructions(for newbies like me). Would absolutely recommend this company to anyone and everyone. Great job guys and thank you again.

  • Posted by Michael R Giampino on 1st Oct 2020



    Beautiful snake. Shipping was perfect.

  • Posted by Janae Allison on 27th Aug 2020


    Beautiful little snake

    She is precious. Very healthy and active right off the bat. She's tiny and so cute. She's named Strawberry and is mt first ever snake. She's got little bunny ear pattern on her head. I just got her tonight and packaging was very safe.

  • Posted by steffani pettie on 21st Aug 2020


    Beautiful baby corn snake

    He arrived well and active. He has adjusted well and is great with handling. He has had his first meal with us. He ate well and seems to be digesting well. We are very happy with him and will recommend others to come here for their baby boop-noodles.

  • Posted by Jo Ann Kelly on 8th Aug 2020


    My first snake

    My little noodle arrived happy and healthy. It was a 30 min trip home. I was able to feed him a pinkie because of his last feed date. I put him in his habitat and he is loving it. I have been able to handle him and he does very well when I have him out. This is my first snake, and I am 59 yrs old. Love my noodle, by the way, he is named after Ron off Harry Potter. Thanks

  • Posted by Jo Ann Kelly on 6th Aug 2020


    My first snake

    I ordered my snake on a Monday and I picked him up on a Thursday from the Main Fed Ex in my area. I received a very healthy snake. I was able to feed him a frozen pinky when I got him home. He is gorgeous and doing very well. Great company to do business with.

  • Posted by Mary on 28th Jul 2020


    Beautiful snake, but...

    I ordered this snake on June 14, 2020 and paid for overnight shipping, which was almost as much as the snake costs. My daughter and I anxiously awaited its arrival. There was a slight hiccup because I realized I wouldn't be home on the day it was originally supposed to arrive. I sent a text (as instructed on the website) asking that shipping be delayed one day and was told they could do that. When the snake didn't arrive on the day it was supposed to, I messaged to see if it had been shipped and was told it had not. I went back and forth with various people via messaging and calls over several days. Our snake didn't arrive until June 23, almost a week and half after we ordered it. I understand that things happen, but the company did not attempt to reach out to me at all to explain what the delay was and why our snake wasn't shipped on the day(s) I was told it would be. I had to initiate contact every single time. I have over 20 years of customer service experience and own my own business. If you are going to charge for overnight shipping and state on your website: "NOTE - OVERNIGHT SHIPPING DOES NOT MEAN IT SHIPS OVERNIGHT AS SOON AS YOU ORDER IT! Overnight shipping is a FedEx service that ensures delivery of the animal the next morning, so it is fast, and safe for the animal. Your order may be delayed due to weather, or for other reasons. We usually do not have delays but on occasion we do for a plethora of reasons since we are dealing with live animals. Such as ex: we cannot ship recently fed snakes and certain lizards because they may vomit in shipping and that is not good, so we may hold your package till the animal digests and then ship. We will notify you of something like this, or any delay to ensure you are aware, and that someone will be there to sign for package before shipping so that everyone and thing is aware and on an agreed upon schedule", you should honor that. Customers should not have to continuously reach out to you for updates. That said, our snake is beautiful, healthy and settling in very well. We are happy with him.

  • Posted by Felicia Wallace on 2nd Jul 2020



    Received an albino by mistake but the snake came in healthy, well shipped, and right on time!