Black Rat Snake for Sale (Elaphe o. obsoleta)

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Black Rat Snake for Sale (Elaphe o. obsoleta)

The Black Rat Snakes for sale are captive-bred. Snakes at Sunset are feeding on live or frozen thawed pinkies. The Black Rat Snakes for sale are aprox. 12-14" in length. 

    12 Reviews

  • Posted by Aaron Workman on 24th Aug 2023


    Black rat snake female

    Super healthy snake and eats well. Has plenty of energy and the snake's skin has a good color.

  • Posted by Aaron Workman on 11th May 2023


    Shipping and recieving

    100% satisfied. My animal arrived on time and in great condition. Thank you.

  • Posted by Brody Miller on 26th Oct 2022


    Corn snake

    Very happy with the snakes pattern and condition, thank you!

  • Posted by Johnny Russell on 27th Feb 2022


    Black rat snake

    Hi yes I love snakes at sunset really healthy snakes I ordered a dessert stripe about a year ago

  • Posted by Holly Simpson on 14th Sep 2019


    texas rat snake

    This was my first time ordering a live animal online so it was alittle scary at first, and even though i wanted a black rat snake i went with the texas rat snake and wasn't disappointed. He is a beauty and was bright eyed, alert and seems to be heathly. Thank you Snakes at sunset for great communication and for a new friend!

  • Posted by Steve (NJ Snake Man) on 10th Aug 2019



    We were looking to add a black rat for educational programs with native NJ snakes, and this one has been impressive! Very healthy, active and alert, flighty but not aggressive. He took a f/t rat day 2, and should turn out to be a great show specimen.

  • Posted by shane Newland on 8th Aug 2019


    Awesome baby Black Rat Snake

    My 2019 black rat snake arrived with a cool pack which was important considering the current heat in Florida and West Virginia. My snake was alert, and appears in excellent health. I put him in his new cage and later that day he even ate a pinky. 48 hours later he was easy to handle and is appearing to be adjusting perfectly. Highly recommend this company.

  • Posted by Unknown on 21st Jun 2019


    Good Eater

    This little guy ate 4 pinkies right off the bat. Also very handlable.

  • Posted by James Sligh on 20th Apr 2018



    My snakes was healthy