Black Rat Snake for Sale (Elaphe o. obsoleta)

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Black Rat Snake for Sale (Elaphe o. obsoleta)

The Black Rat Snakes for sale are captive-bred. Snakes at Sunset are feeding on live or frozen thawed pinkies. The Black Rat Snakes for sale are aprox. 12-14" in length. 

    10 Reviews

  • Posted by Brody Miller on 26th Oct 2022


    Corn snake

    Very happy with the snakes pattern and condition, thank you!

  • Posted by Johnny Russell on 27th Feb 2022


    Black rat snake

    Hi yes I love snakes at sunset really healthy snakes I ordered a dessert stripe about a year ago

  • Posted by Holly Simpson on 14th Sep 2019


    texas rat snake

    This was my first time ordering a live animal online so it was alittle scary at first, and even though i wanted a black rat snake i went with the texas rat snake and wasn't disappointed. He is a beauty and was bright eyed, alert and seems to be heathly. Thank you Snakes at sunset for great communication and for a new friend!

  • Posted by Steve (NJ Snake Man) on 10th Aug 2019



    We were looking to add a black rat for educational programs with native NJ snakes, and this one has been impressive! Very healthy, active and alert, flighty but not aggressive. He took a f/t rat day 2, and should turn out to be a great show specimen.

  • Posted by shane Newland on 8th Aug 2019


    Awesome baby Black Rat Snake

    My 2019 black rat snake arrived with a cool pack which was important considering the current heat in Florida and West Virginia. My snake was alert, and appears in excellent health. I put him in his new cage and later that day he even ate a pinky. 48 hours later he was easy to handle and is appearing to be adjusting perfectly. Highly recommend this company.

  • Posted by Unknown on 21st Jun 2019


    Good Eater

    This little guy ate 4 pinkies right off the bat. Also very handlable.

  • Posted by James Sligh on 20th Apr 2018



    My snakes was healthy

  • Posted by Timothy Smith on 3rd Mar 2018


    Quick service, amazing snakes

    We couldn't be happier with our order & service. Will are already looking forward to our next order

  • Posted by Heather Riojas on 7th Nov 2017


    Great snake, Very pleased with Sunset

    We had been purchasing our reptiles through another very well known online reptile provider. Our one snake in particular came super mean and we still have difficulty handling him.He also took over a month before he would eat. Our snake from Sunset was the exact opposite. Very easy to handle and ate the second day we had him. Our next purchase will absolutely come from Sunset.