Baby King Snakes online!

13th Jul 2020 has the largest selection of King Snakes in the country! 

We work extremely hard to have in stock as many types, and colors of king snakes for sale to pick from. 

The most popular pet King Snakes for over 50 years are California King Snakes. We have a huge selection at any given time of California King Snakes for sale. They are great pets and come in so many different colors and patterns. 

We have one customer whose California King Snake is 27 years old! 

King Snakes are great pets for many reasons. They stay only 3-4ft in average length. They are easy to maintain, and usually eat really well. Some people call them the trash cans as King Snakes eat anything even other snakes! They have been known to eat rattlesnakes. Luckily for us as pet owners of King Snakes, we can feed them rodents you buy from us. 

Florida King Snakes come in just as many colors as California King Snakes and are super popular pet snakes as well. They can get a little larger and thicker but average close to the same but near the 4ft-4.5ft mark - some bigger older ones may top out at 5ft. Florida King Snakes are all captive bred , and it is super diffcult to pick what color one would want!

Most King Snakes can be housed in a basic setup to start with a secure sliding lid. A water bowl and two hiding spots. We use aspen as bedding, though you can use sani chips or ZooMed Forest Floor. The King Snakes for sale are kept at 80-82f on the cool side, and 88-90f on the warm side. We use under tank heaters with thermostats on all our King Snakes. If your house is particularly cold, we recommend using a additonal basking light to help warm the air temperature.

We feed our King Snakes once a week a rodent as thick as the thickest part of its body. As the King Snake grows, we increase the size of the meal when we can no longer see a lump after eating. 

We love King Snakes and are working as of right now to provide even more! Late Summer/Fall is when our selection is at almost 100% availability, but keep checking back often if you are looking for a particular King Snake that is out of stock, as we post them every couple days, but they sell fast!