1st Dec 2019

The #1 question we get is why is my Ball Python not eating. 

Its very simple! 

We feed ALL our snakes a minimum of 5 meals before they are ready to ship to their new homes. Most eat 10,12 or 

even more times before we ship them. Your invoice or  the deli cup the snake is in will have last date it ate, and what 

it ate, such as live or frozen thawed. Most people try to feed upon arrival. Please do not feed them the day you get 

them! Wait 3-5 days for them to settle in with minimal handling. 

Make sure all your parameters for the habitat are on point. 

Check list:

-Hide box (two is better, one for cooler side and one for warmer side)

-Warm side Temps atleast 88f-90f

-Cool Side 80-82f 

-water bowl

-correct bedding ( we use aspen, as here in Florida our humidity is plenty!) Most northern, drier places, use Zoomed 

Forest Floor and you occasionally spray it with water to increase humidity., especially when the snake is going into


Now for the FEEDING PART:

We recommend feeding in their own enclosure without disturbing them till they are used to you and their new 

environment and come out for food(feeding response). 

A rodent LIVE as thick as the thickest part of its body for any snake. You want to see a small lump after they swallow. 

NO PINKIES OR FUZZIES FOR BALL PYTHONS EVER. They are to small for them to recognize as food and for 

some reason the big box stores tell people pinkies for ball pythons ! Completely wrong!

Drop the rodent in the cage. Usually around dusk or even night as that is when Ball Pythons are active. 

If within 2 hours if it has not eaten the rodent, take the rodent out. Try again tommorow. Make sure the snake is not in 

blue (shedding).

Usually they will eat right away if everything is setup correctly and they feel comfortable. If for 2 weeks still has not 

eaten, please contact us to give you more tips! Usually though they are feeding great, and you will not have issues. 

Once a snake shows a feeding response, aka perks up when you bring a rodent into the room, you can try a warm 

frozen thawed mouse of the right size. Make sure its warm, almost hot! 100f if perfect. LEAVE IT IN THE CAGE ON 


your personal kitchen ware to defrost and warm up rodents! That IS just gross and unsafe. 

You cannot force a snake to eat something it doesnt want. Do not try frozen, frozen, frozen for weeks just because 

easier for you. You are slowly starving the poor snake! Fed it LIVE, 4-5 times, and then frozen should be tried again.

Later on, if you want to feed in a seperate enclosure which people swear by, but not really necessary, then you can 


Remember, let us know if you need more tips !