Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Published by MikeB - Owner on 1st Dec 2015

This time of year is not only about Thanksgiving, but also about thanking! 

We want to thank ALL of our customers for shopping with us, and for making this the best year we have ever had. We strive to provide the best reptiles for sale. Our goal is to be the #1 reptile store in the country, and want you to buy reptiles here! 

We get extremely happy to get pictures, emails from customers showing us their pets, and how they have grown and are doing. Remember we are here to answer questions for you! If ever you have a reptile related question, let us know, shoot us a message. 

We truly thank all of you for making this also the craziest, busiest, did I say craziest!?! 1 week period ever. 

We shipped out over 150 boxes of reptiles to their new homes in a three day period. We offered incredible deals, and you showed us you liked them, so we are planning on doing some more crazy awesome deals.20%, 50% off, even  90%off deals! Buy one get one free deals, just make us a promise to make sure your new pet or breeding project is well taken care of !!