Caiman Lizards for sale at Snakes at Sunset

Published by Mike on 1st Feb 2017

That time of year again! We have been establishing our well known Caiman Lizard babies from Peru, and they are almost ready to go! 

Caiman Lizards are an incredible lizard, and are very sought after. Originating from the Amazon and areas near it with water, ours are born in Peru. They are incredibly smart, and can make amazing pets. 

Caiman Lizards have incredibly powerful jaws used for crushing their favorite food, which is snails. They can pop a snail like bubblegum. Captive Caiman Lizards like the ones we sell, love snails as well, but you MUST feed them frozen thawed snails you get at an Asian Market. Live ones are full of parasites! They are very cheap usually, and are a delicacy for your Caiman Lizard. The trick is variety though. All our Caiman Lizards for sale will be shipped out after we know they eat ground turkey, wet cat food, snails, and other items. That way you can ensure its getting food you can readily provide. 

When you search for a Caiman Lizard to buy keep in mind ours are literally the BEST. We treat them pro-actively for any parasites they may have from Peru, and with our Veterinarian approved protocol, make sure they are healthy,eating, and ready to travel after a minimum of 21 days here!

We have been doing this for years with unmatched success. Our beautiful baby Caiman Lizards are handpicked for color, vigor and health. They are so good, that the worlds first captive breeding occurred here in Florida by a customer who purchased theirs from us! 

Caiman Lizards we offer for sale are a breeze to keep clean. We have found that fancy filters, pumps, giant tanks of water, etc are NOT the ideal way to keep them. They usually only hunt in water, and when scared jump into water. We recommend to help keep a cleaner habitat a simple setup. We keep ours on Zoomed Forest Floor Mulch, with a hide box. We provide a PowerSun bulb which is both UVB and Heat, of 100 watts in a minimum 20 gallon tank or cage. We place this on one side where the hide box is, and over the hide box we place several sturdy branches. 

Now, people think Caiman Lizards need to be set up like a turtle....mostly water with branches to bask. That is FALSE! They almost always poop in the water, so a big setup ,even with fanciest of filters will be hard to clean. We provide a large 9-10" ceramic bowl that is easily removed and cleaned daily. Deep enough, but small enough to be able to take out of your Caiman Lizards enclosure without struggling to put in and out. Trust us, the Caiman Lizard will enjoy being able to submerge, and hang out in the water, and you will enjoy 5 min clean up! 

Super easy to take care of, and setup. Of course, the bigger you go the better!

When shopping for a Caiman LIzard please kep in mind, most people do not treat them, nor work with them with a vet like we do to ensure a healthy animal. They all need to be treated, and dont fall for the false "cb, captive bred" claims!

They are all from Peruvian farms, and all need to be treated, but we do that for you! 

Think of Caiman LIzards as a legal, much smaller, alligator! 

They are amazing, and we have limited limited numbers available every year.