Common Online Ball Python Myths

Common Online Ball Python Myths

Published by MikeB on 12th Feb 2017

We get dozens of questions a week and are appalled by some of the mis information customers get from the big box stores. 

Common Myths associated with buying a ball python:

#1- Baby Ball Pythons for sale should eat pinkies - FALSE - Always feed them a rodent as thick as the thickest part of the snake, large enough to leave a SMALL lump. This is by far the one that most people think and offer pinkies to ball pythons! They don't even recognize it as a food source, and on top of that, its BEYOND small for an adequate weekly meal. 

#2 - Feed your NEW ball python you bought in a separate feeding cage - FALSE - ALWAYS let the ball python you bought settle in for 1-2 months in its new habitat. Make sure your temperatures are where they are supposed to be(don't guess, use a temp gun or thermometer!). We usually keep the hot spot with a hide box around 92-95.f. The cool side 82-84. 

Once your snake is used to its new habitat, and you see an actual feeding response, like sticking its head out and searching for food in a direct, decisive manner, then you can start feeding in a separate container. 

#3 - Ball Pythons need alot of space - FALSE - most people refer to "space" as in gallons of an aquarium. You can make a 10 gallon aquarium have MUCH more space then a 20 gallon by just adding branches, decor, rocks, logs, plants, etc. You make the aquarium 3D, the snake has much more things to crawl ON and at the same time is also "hidden". Ball Pythons HATE open, bare spaces, and love tight, crowded areas to feel secure and FEED BETTER. If you keep them in a bare cage, with a hide on both sides, might be to much open space, and they will be scared and not feed. The more stuff they can hide, crawl over, around, etc the better. Just keep it easy to remove for cleaning. 

There are dozens more common myths in regards to keeping ball pythons, but most are just mis-interpreted facts. 

If you have questions regarding any ball python from us, email us! We are here to help! 

All the ball pythons for sale are feeding minimum 8x before shipping or more, and are captive bred. 

If you are feeding frozen here are some tips:

#1- When you feed your ball python frozen rodents, make sure it is completely thawed out, and not cold to the touch. NEVER PUT FROZEN RODENTS IN THE MICROWAVE! THEY POP! AND you eat out of there, so that's just disgusting. Do not use your own kitchen utensils or cups to thaw. Have a dedicated container or cup only for thawing mice. Do not use the one you drink coffee  from no matter how good you clean it! That's just gross too! 

#2 -when offering A frozen rodent to your ball python you bought online from us, we recommend putting it under a heat lamp or in the sun just enough to have it feel warm to the touch. Ball Pythons react to body heat, so the warmer the better. If you touch it by hand and you cannot hold it, its to hot! We also in same cup only for thawing, we sometimes heat that water up just below boiling to dip the mouse in as we offer, as the large heat coming from it will induce the ball python to strike and wrap the food item. 

#3- Some ball pythons will eat frozen thawed rodents their whole lives, get shipped, and never touch one again. Be prepared for that, and make sure you have a live food source just in case. It is rare, but does occur. Sometimes after settling, ball pythons you buy online from us will go back to frozen thawed. 

#4-refer to previous tips above, NO FROZEN THAWED PINKIES FOR BALL PYTHONS. Measure the correct size. Most babies can eat hopper mice or small mice. 

Hope these quick tips help, and as always, just shoot us a message if any questions regarding the ball pythons you bought from us online!