11th Jul 2020

Corn Snakes!!

One of the best pet snakes you can get as a beginner or advnaced reptile keeper, are Corn Snakes! We offer a great variety of Corn Snakes for sale. We try have the largest selection in the entire country of snakes for sale. Corn Snakes are in such demand, and we have the largest variety, that when people shop online for Corn Snakes, they come to us to see whats available. Due to such high demand for Corn Snakes available, they sell out fast though! So if you decide on which Corn Snake color you like, act quick, cause alot of people like that color or type as well!

Once you receive your Corn Snake:

The container it arrives in should have a label with its last meal, and what date the Corn Snakes last meal was.

You do not have to follow it exactly, but its a good starting point till you figure out a new schedule. 

Check out the snake and take a picture for reference. Set the Corn Snake in its enclosure and LEAVE IT ALONE for 2-3 days to adjust, feel comfortable, explore its new habitat. 

You can try feeding a week after receiving. 


We use Aspen Snake bedding, or Sani Chips for bedding. We like the aspen better as Corn Snakes like to hide in it and travel around without being seen. Makes them feel secure. 

Recommended temps for Corn Snakes are 80-82 on cool side, and 88-90f on warm side. 

We provide a waterbowl, and 2 hide areas such as half logs to hide under. Please check your hide if its a fancy looking thing as Corn Snakes love to get into the manufacturing holes some of these decorative hides have and will be almost impossible without breaking it to take the snake out. We just heard someone had a missing snake for two months only to find out it was hidden in the decoration in a tiny hole! 

We recommend a secure tank lid, preferably the sliding variety as corn snakes are escape artists and the lids you use with clips sometimes leave a small gap. Sliding lids close tight and have a pin for a lock. 


If you snake was eating live, it is best to continue live till a few meals and then switch to Frozen thawed rodents.

If it is on frozen thawed rodents according to the label, you can keep feeding frozen thawed. Sometimes due to new habitat, new sights and smells, the frozen thawed feeders will not want to eat frozen thawed. So please do not starve them and offer live! Once a few live meals are down in their new home, frozen shouldnt be hard to switch to at all.

Please keep in mind, alot of these Corn Snakes are shy for first few weeks and moving them to a seperate container to feed may just stress them out and that may in turn cause them not to eat. Please leave the Corn Snake undisturbed in home habitat, and feed 3-4x in there. Once it is more accustomed to its new place, and has a feeding response (you see it ocme out right away to eat) , then using a seperate feeding container should work.

Make sure your temperatures are optimal, as that may cause feeding issues as well if they are not. 

Handling your Corn Snake :

You can handle your Corn Snake once its settled in but not before its first meal with you. 

Also, once your Corn Snake has had a meal, please do not handle it for 3 days minimum so it has time to digest, and not have a lump in its belly. If you handle it right after feeding you increase the likelihood of it regurgitating. 

Enjoy your new Corn Snake and make sure to provide it with a great home!