30th Jun 2020

Hey everyone! Due to Covid 19  some of our customers or future customers may think we are closed or not shipping reptiles. That is not the case! We have tons of Reptiles for sale and  are shipping like normal, Monday through Thursday, and disinfecting, cleaning, and following all guidelines for Covid 19. Our mail order division is a closed facility on its own, and no public, nor vendors are allowed to visit at this time till further notice. 

FedEx is shipping is still operational, and we are shipping live reptiles all over the country. We strive to provide the best reptiles for sale anywhere, and are working hard to keep a huge selection, probably the biggest in the country, of reptiles for sale. It is also summer, and reptiles tend to hatch this time of year so keep an eye out on a variety of new reptiles for sale coming soon! 

Reptiles are selling so much that we are having a hard time keeping up with keeping the shelves stocked, sort of speak, but we still have the largest in stock selection anywhere of reptiles for sale. 

Snakes at Sunset is retail store is open for minimum capactiy and mask required to enter, but do not worry, like we previously mentioned, the store and mail order facility are completely seperate locations, as well as no employees can go between the two locations to ensure extra safety measures for mail order reptiles. 

Stay safe fellow reptile enthusiasts! Wash your hands after reptile handling, as well as for Covid 19!