Ordering from us!

Ordering from us!

Published by MikeB on 30th Jan 2015

Hey everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

Here at Snakes at Sunset we strive to provide outstanding animals, with great customer service. All our reptiles for sale are owned by us, not drop shipped like 90% of most other companies who are solely just that, internet companies.

We are a physical brick and mortar store with a major online presence. We are a well known Reptile Specialty store in Miami, Fl. We have most animals in stock on our website in store! If in the area stop by and check them out. We have been open selling reptiles for over 14 years. 

Our shipping method is second to none. We usually pack in winter months in EPS Molded boxes which are like a mini cooler like you take to the beach. We punch one small hole for air exchange on the inside styro-foam, but none in the outer box. There is a small slap on the cardboard that keeps a space between styro-foam and cardboard which offers plenty of air exchange.  Depending on weather, we use one heat pak per box, and sometimes use a Phase 22 pack (looks like an ice pak, but it is not) for extra protection. Phase 22 paks are designed for shipping and maintaining vital human organs at a stable temperature! High tech stuff! We line the box on the inside with newspaper, and sometimes pack shredded paper as well. Some of you may even recieve a styro-foam box within another! Double added layer of protection, for certain areas, temperatures. 

Like I said, we do ALOT to ensure your animal arrives safely. 

We also label boxes according to Florida law, and Federal law! All animals must have written on the box, LIVE HARMLESS WILDLIFE/REPTILE clearly on the outside. We use a neon sticker! The contents need to be visible on the outside as well. Scientific name, common name, and quantity. All are must haves on a box containing an animal. We do this above and beyond. Anyone that does not, is in clear violation of federal and state law, and the recipient is liable as well. 

We always check weather, and make sure its safe for the animal to travel. We cannot control the weather, and wish we could get you your purchase sooner rather then later, but sometimes its just not safe. 

The way we calculate shipping is seeing what hub your package goes through. We have a key code to FedEx labels that allows us insider knowledge to see where it will go through. If for example you are in an area with 45f low at night, but your package is routed through Memphis, which is 22f, then we cannot ship. If your low is 35f, and memphis is 35f, we can ship. As long as the hub is around 30f+ we can ship. USUALLY.

There are different situations for every order. We take each and every order, and analyze weather, animal, box size, heat pack, phase 22 pak, and more! We even consider time in package, time to close package, time pickup driver is coming that day, etc to ensure a warm, happy reptile at your door. 

People get mad at us for delaying shipping due to weather. We dont care! The animals safety is #1 priority.