Reptiles for Sale

10th Dec 2020

Thanks for stopping by Snakes at Sunset ! Home to the largest selection of reptiles for sale online anywhere! 

We strive to provide you amazing reptiles for sale, great prices, and safe shipping! We have some big plans for 2021!!

We will be 100% captive born website only by end of 2021, offering reptiles for sale that are only born in captivity. 

Some cool things to know about Snakes at Sunset and how we operate. 

We have two 3 locations. Our online reptile store is a huge website with over 700 reptiles for sale. The location we keep all these critters is a stand alone closed facility, with quarantine rooms, frog rooms, baby snake rooms, tortoise pens, turtle aquariums, automated chameleon enclosures, and top notch equipment to house and maintain our vast assortment of reptiles for sale that we offer. 

Our original store is a brick and mortar store in Miami, Fl where we offer a great selection of reptiles for sale. Some items online may not be available for pickup at store, but we can arrange to have it delivered to the store for pickup if you are local! 

The third facility is a 2.5 acre reptile breeding farm where we breed a plethora of reptiles for sale. We have over 50 ponds for our turtle breeding, as well as over 20 enclosures for all sorts of iguanas and izards that benefit from sunshine here in Florida. 

We take great pride in offering the best selection of reptiles for sale anywhere, as well as the best quality in reptiles possible. Our snakes are fed a minimum of 5 times before shipping. They wont ship if they have not eaten minimum 3 times in a row. Period, never! We will keep them till they eat 3x in a row even if they have had 20 meals.For example the snakes for sale eat on thursdays. If it ate on the 7th, but not the 14th, but ate again the 21st, that snake wont ship. It has to eat the 7th, 14th and 21st and also have a total of 5 meals including those three days! No exceptions! 

Take a look around and see if something catches your eye, but keep in mind alot of people hate that they waited a day and it sells out! We sell stuff fast as we post it!