Spring is HERE! and shipping tips

6th Apr 2016

Winter was mild, but it was also a pain! This is the time of year where we try to stop using heat packs as here in Miami it is HOT already, and alot of destinations are still COLD. If you have lows below 50f we will use a heat pack, but if 50f or higher we will use no heat pack or even a cyropak (special pack thats used for human organ shipping!) that keeps temperatures stable. 

Being spring time, that means alot of breeding with our reptiles, and eggs laid everyday! Babies are being born or about to be born, so this is the perfect time of year for new additions to get to raise up. 

When you buy a  reptiles from us you can be assured a top quality, healthy, perfect animal. 

There has been a few customers confused about overnight shipping we offer. Overnight shipping is a time frame not a service. We ship the same day if we recieve the order before 2pm. If after 2pm we usually ship the next day. We ONLY ship Monday through Thursday. 

If for some reason we do not ship you in that time frame it is because your weather or weather in route to you is not safe for the animal in the box. We want it to arrive alive, safe, and with least amount of stress possible. We do not care if another company risked the life of an animal and it luckily got there ok, that is not us! That is so irresponsible, and dangerous, consider yourself lucky! We wait till we feel it is safe and reasonable to ship an animal into colder then normal weather. 

A usual example of shipping is: If you order Monday before 2pm, you should recieve it by 1030am Tuesday if weather is safe. to ship. 

If you order Friday, Saturday, Sunday, if will ship out Monday if weather is safe to ship. 

This time of year, weather delays are less and less so most orders will be shipped in usual timing, as weather is getting better. Trust us, we want your new animal to be with you as soon as possible! 

Keep an eye out as we are taking dozens if not dozens and dozens of new pictures to revamp the website with newer pictures, as well as adding over 200 new items! 

Dont forget to check out our dry good selection!