Uromastyx Lizards

Published by Mike on 29th Sep 2015

Here at Snakes at Sunset, we are known for the awesome Uromastyx lizards we sell. 

Some species are seasonal, and some are so hard to get, that we only get 4-6 a year! 

Uromastyx lizards are the perfect pet for people who do not want to deal with live food such as crickets and mealworms. Feeding a 100% vegetarian diet is the norm for Uromastyx. We feed ours spring mix, carrots, zucchini, squash, alfalfa sprouts, dried lentils, dried split peas, as well as a bowl of millet seed(parakeet variety). 

They thrive in hot dry enviroments but being in captivity, water is very important. To keep the humidity low on our Uromastyx, we do not provide a water bowl, but we do religiously soak them every other day to ensure water intake. We also soak a feeding or two a week in water, so when they eat it, they get extra water. 

We use 10.0 ZOOMED UVB bulbs and a appropriate sized basking bulb depending on size of enclosure. 

A hide spot on both the cool side and hot side of the tank is appreciated by Uromastyx so they can choose comfortable secure places to hide.

There are several types available this time of year, and they are all awesome!

Ornate Uromastyx for sale are babies, and are extremely colorful as adults. 

Egyptian Uromastyx get BIG! and are amazing. 

The Thomasi Uromastyx are rare, and unique in their tail structure, and have a "cute" factor to them.

Red and Yellow Saharan Uromastyx are older juvies to adults, and field collected but thriving before we ship. 

Our Morrocan Uromastyx are gorgeous, and showing incredible colors!

Last but not least, we have Mali Uromastyx for sale. These guys are impossible to get now! We only have 6 Mali Uromastyx juvies for sale, so act fastif interested in the easiest, friendliest type of Uromastyx you can buy!