Why We Have the Best Reptiles for Sale!

Published by Mike - Owner on 13th Jun 2015

We strive to provide the best reptiles possible! We hand pick each and every one and look them over to ensure a healthy, happy addition to your collection. 

All our reptiles are reptiles we would buy for ourselves!

The out most care is taken in checking weather patterns, delays, routes, timing, and more to ensure it arrives safe and sound. 

We hate seeing unboxing videos people post after buying from another company that when opened reveal a tragic mishap that could totally be avoided. Most companies that sell reptiles do not even own the reptiles they are shipping! They drop ship them to you from a wholesaler, where quality control is almost non existant. We carry and possess every single animal we offer, and stand behind them 100%. We pride ourselves in our shipping methods, and our track record shows it! 

Our boxes are cardboard lined with styrofoam which vary in thickness depending on season of weather.

We provide a heat pack, cold pack, or phase 22 pak depending on the needs of your particular animal and box. 

The phase 22 paks are a new industry that only frog breeders and us use! They are designed to ship human organs, which need to be kept at a stable, correct temperature. The Phase 22 paks are meant to guard against cold and heat, and are chemically made to harden when cold, absorbing cold that may enter box, and liquify when hot, which is when the liquid absorbs excess heat that enters the box. The box usually remains stable at 72f which is PERFECT for shipping live reptiles. We care about each and every reptile for sale we offer. 

Very few if any in the industry can match our packing skills, quality of animals, and fundamental knowledge of the shipping FedEx and how they work. 

Next week we will post a video on what goes into shipping your new addition!