Winter Shipping! Please Read!

Published by MikeB on 28th Oct 2019

Hey everyone! 

Winter shipping for most of the country is here. We are diligently following weather all over the USA. When you place an order, we are checking your exact zip-code, and the entire route of the animal from our door to yours, to make sure we pack it in a safe manner. 

Most packages shipped via FedEx travel through Memphis as a routing hub, and then on to you. 

We pack the reptiles for sale online that you purchase in a styro-foam lined cardboard box. Plenty of newspaper for added insulation and cushioning. 

We use 40 hour Heat packs to ensure nice and warm delivery to colder areas. Sometimes we cannot use a heat pack because the route is to warm, and we don't want the reptiles to over heat. It is much better for a reptile to arrive cold, and slowly warm up, then it is to overheat which there is no coming back from.

If you order, you may notice we also may use a CYROPAK which is a new shipping item that helps stabilize the inside of the box by absorbing excess heat or excess cold. We use them by themselves to keep chill off, or heat off, as well as in combination with a heat pack to help keep box stable. 

If we do not use any of the above, its because it was not needed, and the route and temps are acceptable and non detrimental for the reptile being shipped. 

Remember not only do we look at the weather, we look at the species! We tailor shipping the most possible to ensure safe arrival of your new reptile purchase!

We are EXPERTS at packing reptiles. We spare no expense. It is all included in the cost of shipping.


We will check the distance, address and confirm with you if ok for Hold for Pickup as it helps that it does not go on the cold or hot truck. 

Please note Hold For Pickup for live animals is only allowed at FEDEX SHIP CENTER HUBS, not at FedEx Kinkos, FedEx  Walgreens, or any other FedEx affiliate , only at FedEx Ship Center Hubs. 

We strive to provide safe and effective shipping of live reptiles that we sell online, and want to get them to you the best method, safest way, and fastest possible! 

We do not mind holding the animal a bit till the weather gets better either!