Brooks King Snake for sale (Lampropelitis getula brooksi ) - High Red

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High Red Brooks King Snake

Snakes at Sunset has some super pretty High Red Brooks King Snakes for sale that are captive bred. They are eating great on pinky mice. One of the best King Snake pets you can buy, they are super colorful. They are aprox 12-18" in length and doing great. 

Shipping your new King Snake:

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6 Reviews

  • Posted by Ron vaughn on 2nd Dec 2020


    Fast shipping good costumer service

    She is a perfect friend beautiful colors and very friendly as a hatchling

  • Posted by Mark on 23rd Jul 2020



    Gorgeous specimen

  • Posted by Todd on 15th Jun 2020


    beautiful snake

    Vibrant and healthy snake. Very pleased with

  • Posted by Tanya Stamper on 26th Apr 2020


    Great service and snakes

    You guys are always helpful and have great reptiles that are well taken care of and beautiful.

  • Posted by Unknown on 1st Feb 2020


    High-red Brooks king

    I ordered this snake in January 2020 and she arrived safely in a couple of days and ate right away. Attractive little snake that matched the photo on the web site. Only 4 stars because SAS did not answer my email asking for details on what the adults look like. I also inquired about typo on the web site that says, "Hatched in 2013", which clearly is not correct.

  • Posted by Hercule Poirot on 15th Feb 2019


    Hercule Poirot

    He really arrived the next day, which is one reason I would recommend Snakes at Sunset. I texted the number on their website because they don't provide a phone number. The response was prompt. However, after the initial response, no one responded to follow-up questions and the bottomline is, I am not completely dissatisfied with my purchase; Hercule Poirot, my baby "High Red" Florida King Snake, is neither nothing at all like the picture nor the description. Though SAS did text that the snake was what I ordered, we disagree. I recommend calling them after placing your order, so refer to your bank's credit card transactions for their phone number. My snake was approximately 14 inches and shipped at the end of December 2018. He's about 18 inches now, eats two fuzzies (baby mice) every week, sheds once a month, and is currently thriving in a small HerpHaven habitat with aspen-shavings substrate four-inches deep, a hide and heating pad on one side, and a water dish on the other for drinking, submerging, and higher humidity. He handles extremely well, even if just woken up. Only after he's eaten will he flatten his head and flicker his tail in a defensive and yet self-satisfying posture (never trying to strike at or bite me). Otherwise he is rather smooth. I place Hercule in a separate container when feeding, a box with news- or phonebook paper, so that he does not digest any wooden substrate accidentally. After trying both frozen and live feeder mice, my snake responds more to live prey; thawed pinkies/fuzzies are sometimes simply not interesting enough and therefore can lead to longer feed times for you.