Caramel Pink Red Ear Slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)

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Caramel Pink Red Ear Slider Turtles

We have some gorgeous captive bred Caramel Pink Red Ear Sliders. They are thriving unsexed babies. 

They are munching on pellets with gusto. These are seasonal! 

Shipping your new Turtle:

We ship our turtles FED EX overnight. Most packages arrive by 10:30am. If you live in a smaller town, or in a rural area it may arrive between 12-4pm.

We also offer HOLD FOR PICKUP at your closest FedEx center, so you can pick the package up after work/school.
Our shipping days are Monday- Thursday. Reptile orders placed before 2pm usually get shipped the same day .
 Reptile orders placed after 2pm, get shipped the following day.
Ex: If you place your order at 5pm Monday, we will ship tuesday, and you will receive Wed. Morning.
You may request an alternate shipping day. Please email us at to let us know what day works for you.

Please see Live Arrival Guarantee page.

We pack your reptiles in the safest, most efficient way possible. All reptile orders are shipped in a styro-foam lined cardboard box used specifically for shipping reptiles.  Depending on weather conditions, we may include an ice pack or heat pack at no charge for the safety of the animals.
If weather conditions are too severe to ship, we will notify you and arrange a future shipping date. This is all done for the safety of the animal! 

The health and safety of the animal comes first!

Please read our terms before ordering.


    28 Reviews

  • Posted by Jennifer on 8th Sep 2023



    I was so worred they wasnt going to get ship but they made it and i love them so much really little thouth they mite be a little bigger but in all i love them

  • Posted by Scott Rein on 27th Jul 2023


    Carmel Pink Red Ear Sliders

    2 lil guys this time but very active & in great condition! Thanks ??

  • Posted by Karen Majewski on 11th Jul 2023


    “Cara” Caramel pink red-warred slider

    It took a minute to get her due to the hot weather and I appreciated them caring. “She” is completely amazing. I am purchasing 2 more friends for her also 2 for my son. I wish we were allowed to submit a photo because I would love for everyone to see how amazing she is. Thank you Snakesatsunset

  • Posted by Keleigh McNiel on 9th Jul 2023



    Turtle was bigger than expected for hatchling baby but she/he is precious regardless. Just wish we could’ve enjoyed her as a smaller baby moments.

  • Posted by Scott Rein on 29th Jun 2023


    Carmel Pink Red Ear Slider

    Excellent Turtle, was crawling around foam box( got out of his lil plastic berry container), but in great condition. Wished I had ordered 3 of ‘em

  • Posted by Anthony Alexander on 19th Jun 2023


    Carmel Pink albino r.e.s.

    The shipping was fast. The turtles are beautiful. And are very healthy. I will be making another purchase within the next day or two. Good quality pets and good prices.

  • Posted by Jay Jenkins on 17th Jun 2023


    Awesome all around service

    When we ordered PINKY we where so worried about her being shipped they waited for the safest time (was only a few days ) it out or mind at ease she came in such good health and so happy we looked at a lot of places before finding snakes of sunset we’re in the same state we loved that and when she came it showed how well they care for there animals she isn’t scared of us when we give her a special treat freeze dried treat she’ll come to the front of the tank and go crazy we’ll shake the treats and she comes to the top of the tank waiting for it we love her so much and she found a great family thank you sunset you made a life time customer out of us

  • Posted by AV on 2nd Jun 2023



    Love the pink guy, he is so cute and already developing a sweet personality but he is way bigger than expected as most of the other reviews said. We were expecting around 2 inches or a bit more but he’s about double that so we were surprised. He’s definitely alot more skittish than our 2 yellow belly’s were when they came home but he’s adjusting. Overall we adore him he’s just bigger than we expected. Thank you!

  • Posted by J G on 1st Jun 2023



    This is my second order from here and I would've given it 5 stars but he is a little bigger than I expected and came with tons of algae on his shell. Other than that the turtle is great