Desert King Snake for Sale (Lampropeltis splendida) - Albino

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Albino Desert King Snake for Sale (Lampropeltis splendida)


Native to the Southwest, the Albino Desert King Snakes for sale are captive-bred and gorgeous. Snakes at Sunset has them feeding on live or frozen thawed pinkies. The Albino Desert King Snakes for sale are currently 12-14" in length.

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3 Reviews

  • Posted by Leroy Vigil on 12th Feb 2018


    We were very pleased! VIGIL Family...

    This time around we ordered a Albion red eye California King snake female but they where out of stock so we had them ship us a male in place of the female the shipping was wonderful because it was very cold when we ordered the snake this time it was package great with 2 heat packs and plenty of bedding for a comfortable ride to it's new home. I had to pickup the package at Fed X that was no problem for me because he was tooken care of that was my number one goal. We like to say thank you to the person that was in contact with us the hole time of this buy and the way the snake was tooken care of the hole shipping proses new we are just waiting for a female to be born so we can buy one from them again because they are a company so far the last snake was not ship right but not every employee are good workers so please get rid of the person that ship that female in October of 2017 because shipping was not right by far but this time we couldn't be more pleased we can't wait for the female snake so please let us know ASAP PLEASE from the Vigil Family

  • Posted by Bianca Hood on 25th Jan 2018


    i absolutely love you guys

    I bought myself an albino king for my birthday and he is gorgeous. His name is Goku. He he very alert and smart. He loves to burrow and yesterday I did his first feed on a thawed pinky. He loved it so much. I’m thinking I do feedings twice a week until he’s ready for fuzzies. I will be ordering two more snakes and possibly other animals from you guys in the very near future

  • Posted by Sonny Vigil on 7th Oct 2017


    Our beautiful daughter arrived she is our new family member...

    We the Vigil ordered a new snake because our last baby got lost some where in our home because I fall asleep one night and now she is gone we loved her so I was surprised that my wife fell in love with her as well she spent most of her time with us not lock up I did fall asleep with her many times before and every thing was fine so we miss her so she was a part of our family so my wife ask me to buy a other one so I did the pet shops didn't have any good choices so I found this website what you know I found what I was looking for same price as the store well cheaper but shipping made it the same price but we got what we wanted we payed for over night but got in two days not over night she was scared and cold my poor baby but we had her for two days now she loves us already she on the bed with us now she loves being with us all the time when we put her up for the night or when we leave some where she looks at us and try to climb up the glass so we can get her so sad but when time to get her out she pop's her head out the wood chip's so we know where she at she comes out with out a fight she loves being petted they say a lot of crap about snakes it's mostly BS because she love being peted and love being with us she knows she can trust us and she made us her mommy and daddy she is family so when we don't have time to watch her so goes back in her tank she dosent like it but it is a safe place for her so she dont get lost I wish I can add a picture's of her she sleeping in the covers now I make a little cave for her so their only one way out and thats where I can see her but she dosent take off she has a very nice personality you would believe they make good pets if you have the time to love and take good care of them and spend a lot of time with them it's just like have a dog or a cat we just love our little girl and we know she loves us as well because she dose show it .it's so hard to explain how they are being a pet if you don't have a lot of time or love don't get one because they do deserve a FAMILY that will care and most of all love them love is the number key in life No matter what the species is humans you get it right if not dont get one please we love or little girl.Thank you for giving us a chance to love her and most of all the love she gives us she puts smiles in our mind and hearts thanks again from the Vigil Family....