Frilled Dragons for sale (Chlamydosaurus kingii)

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Frilled Dragons 

We have gorgeous Frilled Dragons for sale that are ranched babies from Indonesia! These beauties are feeding well on crickets, and other insects. They are one of the coolest, awesomest(is that a word?) lizards you can own that enjoy a tropical set up. The "Frillies" are babies to juveniles, and are ready for new homes.

The one pictured is an adult male from Australia that shows a redder frill. These are OCCASIONALLY available but at much steeper prices( $400-$500)

Shipping your new Frilled Lizard:

We ship our lizards FED EX overnight. Most packages arrive by 10:30am. If you live in a smaller town, or in a rural area it may arrive between 12-4pm.

We also offer HOLD FOR PICKUP at your closest FedEx center, so you can pick the package up after work/school.
Our shipping days are Monday- Thursday. Reptile orders placed before 2pm usually get shipped the same day .
 Reptile orders placed after 2pm, get shipped the following day.
Ex: If you place your order at 5pm Monday, we will ship tuesday, and you will receive Wed. Morning.
You may request an alternate shipping day. Please email us at to let us know what day works for you.

Please see Live Arrival Guarantee page.

We pack your reptiles in the safest, most efficient way possible. All reptile orders are shipped in a styro-foam lined cardboard box used specifically for shipping reptiles.  Depending on weather conditions, we may include an ice pack or heat pack at no charge for the safety of the animals.
If weather conditions are too severe to ship, we will notify you and arrange a future shipping date. This is all done for the safety of the animal! 

The health and safety of the animal comes first!

Please read our terms before ordering.


9 Reviews

  • Posted by Gus on 19th Jun 2021


    Frilled dragon

    Overall happy with this lil frilly already eating so well and is acclimating very well to his new home. Sunset Never fails me.. Keep it up !

  • Posted by kiko on 12th Dec 2019



    Everything went great, I was a little worried in the beginning, but it all turned out safe and sound, the frill is very shy and jumpy, which I understand after begin shipped from Florida to Texas, it likes to eat when nobody is around, so I let it be, but in conclusion I would recommend anybody to order here @snakesarsunset if interested in such a iconic lizard.

  • Posted by Unknown on 31st Oct 2019


    Frilled Dragon

    Came fine. Healthy and alert. Eating well here. Thank you!!

  • Posted by Caleb Montanez on 25th Oct 2019


    Blown Away

    My largest problem with ordering any live animal through the internet would be that they either arrive, Refusing to eat or are horrified of people. The baby Frilled Dragon I ordered? Ate the next day and is regularly eating. He drinks water perfectly and is the friendliest reptile I have ever owned! They are a great exotic, beginner reptile and I would recommend getting them from None other than SNAKES AT SUNSET.

  • Posted by Ashlynn Hall on 14th Mar 2019



    I was a little skeptical over some of the reviews on google and wanted to initially cancel my order. I am so glad that I did not cancel my order as the dragons came perfectly! They were packaged so well that two days (due to fedex issues)in transit and they arrived healthy and very much alive. I would highly recommend Snakes at Sunset and will be ordering again very soon! Thank you so much!!

  • Posted by Jose Acevedo on 17th Feb 2017


    loveable frillie hatchling

    Had a hatchling delivered to me recently very small yet so healthy. I've taken care of many frilled dragons however this one just loves being picked up haha. And eats verouciously. highly recommend if you're looking for a start up lizard look no further.

  • Posted by Unknown on 2nd Dec 2016


    glad I chose snakes at sunset

    Ordered a frilled dragon. She arrived in great shape. A lil chubby lil girl. Full tail. No issues whatsoever. Very happy with my purchase

  • Posted by Daniel on 18th Jul 2016


    great reptile! need better customer service...

    Shipped out a great reptile. No problems. Its perfect. But in the comment section I would've liked some type of reply to my message. All in all great.

  • Posted by E on 17th Jan 2016


    Got my frilled!

    Emailed first to confirm availability. Quick positive response. Made purchase, was informed from door to door. My frilled dragon, priceless.