Indonesian Tree Boas (Candoia carinata)

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Indonesian Tree Boas

We have gorgeous field collected Isabel phase Tree Boas available! These beauties are thriving on pinkies or fuzzy mice. They range from 14-20" aproximately, and are very very hard to get. 


    3 Reviews

  • Posted by Michael on 18th Jun 2022


    Indonesian Tree Boa

    Exact on time delivery Excellent packaging ,considering considering the 100゚ weather here in Saint Louis .Beautiful snake just as described healthy, robust ,active ,but very docile , typical of their nature. Thanks for the time and care that you put into your reptiles.

  • Posted by Robert on 17th Jun 2022


    Indonesian tree boas

    Beautiful and docile little snakes but have not eaten for me yet

  • Posted by Unknown on 6th Jul 2015


    Isebel Beauty

    Okay, I've been looking for one of these, for over a year, at a price I can afford. This phase has become a little pricey, these days. The snake I received was well fed and perfect condition! Ate a frozen, thawed pinkie at first attempt, sometimes this snake can be tricky to feed at a young age. If your'e looking for a boa that is very zen and placid,and doesn't get too large, I would strongly recommend one of these. And if you can get this kind of quality at this price, get one at Snakes at Sunset. Thank's again guy's, I'll be ordering again!!