Nicaraguan Boa Constrictor for sale (Boa imperator)

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Nicaraguan Boas for sale

Beautiful captive bred babies available. 


All our reptiles come with a Live Arrival Guarantee. 

Shipping your new Baby Nicaraguan Boa:

We ship our boas FED EX overnight. Most packages arrive by 10:30am. If you live in a smaller town, or in a rural area it may arrive between 12-4pm.

We also offer HOLD FOR PICKUP at your closest FedEx center, so you can pick the package up after work/school.
Our shipping days are Monday- Thursday. Reptile orders placed before 2pm usually get shipped the same day .
 Reptile orders placed after 2pm, get shipped the following day.
Ex: If you place your order at 5pm Monday, we will ship tuesday, and you will receive Wed. Morning.
You may request an alternate shipping day. Please email us at to let us know what day works for you.

Please see Live Arrival Guarantee page.

We pack your reptiles in the safest, most efficient way possible. All reptile orders are shipped in a styro-foam lined cardboard box used specifically for shipping reptiles.  Depending on weather conditions, we may include an ice pack or heat pack at no charge for the safety of the animals.
If weather conditions are too severe to ship, we will notify you and arrange a future shipping date. This is all done for the safety of the animal! 

The health and safety of the animal comes first!

Please read our terms before ordering.

21 Reviews

  • Posted by Tabatha Wareham on 27th May 2021


    Beautiful Temperment

    I was slightly concerned when ordering that I would recieve a nippy baby, only due to it being in their nature, but it seems as if they are handled quite often because the first thing he wanted to do when coming out of his packaging was climb me. I can reach right in and grab him and although initially I assumed when he put his head toward me he was about to give a warning strike he was just starting to climb my arm. The shipping was very fast, and done safely. I love my boa and if I ever want to purchase another reptile I will definitely be ordering from Snakes at Sunset, I highly recommend this site.

  • Posted by Antonio Burgos on 23rd Jul 2020


    Nicaraguan boa

    Website was easy to navigate and place my order. My lil guy showed up on time and in perfect health. He looks amazing and I will be ordering more

  • Posted by Sandra Bedard on 24th Mar 2020


    nicuraguan Boa

    MY boa came today. THIS is my 4th snake from Snakes by Sunset. He is BEAUTIFUL AND ACTIVE AND HEALTHY. LOVE HIM THANK YOU

  • Posted by Noah on 19th Jan 2020


    great Specimen

    Web Site very understandable easy to navigate, place order and payment process arrived on time very pleased

  • Posted by Renee Marischen on 26th Oct 2019


    Perfect little noodle

    I asked them to ship to a FedEx Ship Center and they did so. The process was really simple and he arrived safe and healthy. I fed him that night and he took the f/t mouse quickly. He's absolutely gorgeous and extacly what I wanted in a snake. Would definitely recommend.

  • Posted by Erin Obrien on 15th Oct 2019


    Best Online Buying Experience

    First time buying a reptile online and the experience was amazing. Online purchase went smoothly and he arrived earlier than predicted. Super sweet temperament and a beautiful boy. Thank you SaS!

  • Posted by Jen on 1st Oct 2019


    Nicaraguan Dwarf Boa

    Had boa for about 3 months now. Boa has been active, has a happy appetite, and pleasantly calm from the very first day. Very pleased with service and animal.

  • Posted by on 16th Aug 2019


    Very pleased!

    Snake came quick & before predicted time. no heat pack as it was hot here, so temperature was accurately accounted for. Boa was super active & curious. Will be ordering from here again!

  • Posted by Deanna on 31st Aug 2018


    Very Happy with my boa

    Have been slowly getting back into keeping snakes and never paid much attention to most boas until I see these. I received mine quickly with no issues and he acclimated to his home just as quick. I offered him a hopper after two days and he gobbled it up, no problem!