Tips for Water turtles!

30th Aug 2013


Taking care of water turtles is fun and entertaining, and they are one of the most popular pets in history. 

There are hundreds of species, and we usually carry a wide selection of easy to care for ones. 

Here is a trouble shooting/care guide/tips for common problems people may encounter. 

Water turtles live in water, but need to occasionally come out of the water to get warm and bask. It is recomended you use a heat basking bulb over a rock, or floating device used for turtles to get out of the water so they can bask. They usually will spend 10 minutes or even hours under the light. If you notice your turtle always basking continously and not going in the water, your water may be to cold for it. Also if he has cage mates, the other turtle might scare him, sohe doesnt go swimming. You need to seperate them. We keep all tropical turtle water at aprox. 78-82f and all colder climate turtles at 74-76f water temperature. Failure to have a good basking spot, and warm water may lead to illness, lethargy, and even death. Turtles require temperatures to be able to eat, and digest. So get a good temperature gauge, and measure both water and basking spot temperatures to see if they fall within the correct range. 

When feeding turtles, you can feed them a high quality turtle pellet daily. Occasionally some plant matter such as a piece of romaine lettuce, or spring mix as a treat. Also most turtles love a snack that is an insect, such as a cricket or mealworm. You can feed in the tank but some people feed them in a seperate feeding tank to help keep the water clean. You can also feed your turtles more then once a day, but remember they will grow faster, as well as dirty the water sooner. 

Remember to ALWAYS wash your hands and anywhere you place the turtle while cleaning or feeding. Since turtles  pee and poop in the water, bacteria may form that can cause illness in humans. Common sense and good hygeine should prevent that. 

Turtles are simple to keep, and are phenomenal pets that will give you decades of fun.