Leucistic Texas Rat Snake for sale - BLUE Eyed - (Elaphe obsoleta lindheimeri)

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Leucistic Texas Rat Snake for sale - Blue Eyed -  

A real neat mutation of Texas Rat Snake, are captive bred. The Leucistic Texas Rat Snakes for sale are babies, that are well started, feeding, and doing great. These are very hard to obtain in recent years. T

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    8 Reviews

  • Posted by Drake Hazen on 8th Oct 2022


    Snake is beautiful but it's eating

    Shipping Wise it's so far the best the snake comes with a ice pack to keep it from overheating and took less then 5 hours to go from Florida to California. I've had the snake for two days now and although it looks to be as healthy as ever with the exception of some of it's past shed stuck it so far won't eat conveniently they let you know when it lasts ate and what do I was able attempt to feed it what it was used. That said it could be just still adjusting but none the less 8 days not eating is still a little concerning for a baby such as itself. Other then that snakes at sunset are a perfect place to buy reptiles online.

  • Posted by Jim jensen on 30th Sep 2021


    Baby leucistic rat snake

    I have to give 5 stars to these guys. I had a flawless transaction and super speedy delivery. They had constant contact and updates to me. The snake is flawless and ate 2 pinks the first time offered. Fantastic service, Thank you Sunset!! I will definately be purchasing from you again..

  • Posted by Jess on 5th May 2021



    Came in well packaged, alive and active will purchase from this seller again!

  • Posted by Edgar Garcia on 12th Jul 2020


    she was beautiful !

    she was the most beautiful blue eyed lucy Texas rat snake that I have ever seen. She came healthy with no issues what so ever and there price was in fact the cheapest I've seen, really great price for a high quality snake, 100% will buy from this site again, and I've already have, I just ordered my first balled python, a coral glow plastal and I have no doubt that I'm not going to receive anything but the best, all in all, snakes at sunset are one of the best breeders I've ordered from.

  • Posted by Gregory Bloom on 29th Jun 2020


    beautiful, healthy snake

    The shipping service and my poor snake had to stay on a truck one day longer. It was packed so well that the little guy was up, active and very healthy looking. Would not hesitate to make another purchase.

  • Posted by Gregory Bloom on 28th Jun 2020


    beautiful snake, in love immediately

    Very active snake form the moment of opening the package beautiful, exactly as described.

  • Posted by Unknown on 12th Apr 2020


    was most impressed by his docile nature..it is a boy, right? it's ok if it's a girl, I just would like to know. he looks perfect in the quality of his skin. I hope his eyes show blue in them in the future. they are beige around a black pupil now.

    Perfect skin, eyes clear, alert and docile nature apparent. He ate the first day..a nice surprise. I appreciate the feeding history. I was wondering exactly how many weeks old he was. Nh

  • Posted by Joshua on 2nd Jun 2019


    met my high expectations

    Ordered the last leucistic Texas rat snake they had in stock. I was skeptical on what the quality of the animal would be considering it was the last one they shipped off (most companies go by a best-go-first approach), but it shipped the next day, was delivered the following day, and is a beautiful specimen! Not one scale is unaltered with the leucistic gene, it's pure white. Even its tongue is white! Blue eyes as expected, not bulging out of its head (not bug eyed), and has a great temperament. Has not struck at me once. Has eaten every time with no issues and is a strong eater. I believe they come to you used to tong feeding because mine had no issue adjusting whatsoever! Didn't even constrict the 2nd meal, just slithered up and ate it. These are also an extremely easy species to tail sex, I struck gold with a female :) I highly recommend purchasing your snakes from Snakesatsunset, they're healthy and exactly what you'd hope they'd be.